Banh troi – Banh chay recipe

So the Cold Food Festival is 3 days ago and I think those traditional types of desserts this festival features are just so nice: good to eat and not too hard to make. And here we go, the first recipe:

Banh troi (Bánh trôi) – Banh chay (Bánh chay)


Glutinous rice flour

Rice flour

White granulated sugar

Mung bean

Brown sugar cubes




1. Bánh trôi

- Mix glutinous rice flour with ordinary rice flour with the ratio 9:1 respectively. Then knead the mixture with water.

- Pick up a piece of dough, place the sugar cube in the middle and roll it to make a ball. The proper size of the ball is about 2.25 cm in diameter.

- Boil the balls in water and take out when they start to float. Immediately dip into a bowl of cold water to prevent them from being sticky.

- Place the balls on a dish and powder with white sesame. The result should be something like this:


2. for the Bánh chay,

- same treatment for the dough.

- about the Mung bean, cook or steam and pound till fine then roll into balls before it becomes too dry

- pick some dough, flatten slightly, put the bean ball in the middle then seal the dough to make a round and flat piece

- boil like bánh trôi

- mix cassava flour with water for a slightly thick substance then boil and add grapefruit flower. Finally, sprinkle over the cakes.

Have fun with these!


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